Adoption Process

Pawportunities is an entirely foster based rescue organization.  Our animals are in foster homes located throughout the entire Kansas City Metropolitan area, on both sides of state lines.  Not only does this help keep overhead costs down, allowing finances to remain focused on animal care, but it is also tremendously helpful in preparing the pet to transition into their forever home. 


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Submit an adoption application

Adoption Application

Please allow a few days for the application to be processed.  Once an application has been approved, the applicant will be notified, and the foster of the animal of interest will be notified to contact the applicant to schedule a meet and greet.  This can happen in as little as under 24 hours, or take longer than a business week.  The volume of applications, and other rescue obligations dictate the length of time it takes.  

Applications are processed in the order in which they are received.

However, meet and greets are scheduled in the order in which applications are approved.  Incomplete applications, failure to respond promptly to inquiries, veterinary clinics which require permission to release information, etc. slow down the rate of processing.  Once the application has been processed to the point where the ball is back in the applicants court, Pawportunities is left with no choice but to move on to the next application to begin processing it.  If an application requires a home visit, proceeding applications will continue to be processed while the previous application remains pending home visit.


Meet and Greet

Once an adoption application has been approved, the foster parent will be notified and they will contact the interested adopter to schedule a meet and greet.  Meet and greets need to be scheduled in a timely manner. If a meet and greet is unable to be scheduled by the adopter within a couple of days and the animal has other approved adopters, the next adopter in line will have the opportunity to meet the animal.

Meet and Greets allow the opportunity for potential adopters to meet the pet of interest.  The majority of the time, it is strongly suggested to conduct meet and greets in the foster home.  Although having new people around can alter the typical behavior of an animal, meeting in the foster home allows the greatest opportunity for the pets true personality to shine through.  If a foster is not comfortable conducting a meet and greet within their home, a different location will be chosen by the individual fostering the animal of interest.  Fosters have the deepest understanding of the pet they are caring for, and will decide upon a location that is in the best interest of the animal being seen.  

For applicants with existing pets, it is possible to arrange for a current pet to meet a potential new family member.  Simply express this while making arrangements for a meet and greet.  Please be up front regarding this, as often times it will require specific considerations, and possibly dictate where the meet and greet location will be.  It is important to keep in mind that the majority of fosters have personal pets of their own.  Some pets do not do well around specific other types of animals, and being upfront allows the foster to make accommodations that will set up the pending meet and greet for success


Place a hold on the pet

If the animal you wish to adopt has not been spayed/neutered or is waiting for vaccinations, you can place a hold on the animal.  Just let the foster parent know you would like to place the hold and they will send you a link to the hold deposit contract. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold the animal. The deposit will be applied towards the adoption fee. In the event you change your mind, the deposit will not be refunded. The deposit may be applied towards a different animal at the time it is removed from the first animal.

Animals that have been spayed/neutered and have received all scheduled vaccinations cannot be placed on hold.  Those animals are ready to be adopted and can go home right away.


Finalize the adoption

Congratulations!!! You have made the decision to adopt a rescue animal. If the animal is being spayed/neutered, adoptions can be finalized the same day after surgery. An appointment will be scheduled either with the foster parent, with our Olathe representative or our Blue Springs representative. Once the adoption contract is completed and signed, you will take the animal home.

A copy of the adoption contract and the animal’s medical records will be emailed to you.  We try to complete this within 24 hours but can take up to 5 days. You will also receive an email regarding the microchip information once we transfer the chip number into your name. If you have any questions regarding these records or have not received them within 5 days, please send an email to